Atal Tinkering Lab


What Is An Atal Tinkering Lab?

Dedicated Works Spaces To Learn Innovative Skills Equipped With 3d Printers, Robotics & Electronics Development Tools, Lot & Sensors etc.

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Who Is Setting Up These An Atal Tinkering Lab?

Niti Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission To Promote Innovation And Entrepreneurship.


Computational Thinking

Atls Help Students Turning Their Concepts (Ideas) Into Reality By Reaching A Step-by-step Solution Using Technology.

computational thinking
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A Tinkering Lab Enables Students To Create & Innovate Using Technology

A Tinkering Lab Enables Students To Create & Innovate Using Technology


Design Thinking

ATLs Encourage Design Thinking So Students Can Practice & Solve Problems

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skills of the future

Curiosity, Creativity Imagination. The Real Skills Of The Future.

The Real Skills Of The Future: The Primary Goal Of Atal Tinkering Labs Is To Foster The Spirit Of Experiment And Creativity In Young Minds So That They Are Well-equipped To Solve Global Problems With Their Unique Perspectives.



Requires Observation, Identification And Then Strategically Finding The Solution To The Problem.

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physical computing

Physical Computing

Physical Computing As An Atl Module Provides Hands-on Experience Of Basic Coding & More.


From Dreams In 3d To 3d Prototypes.

With Multiple Technologies At Their Disposal, Students Will Be Able To See Their Ideas Through To Their Rightful Conclusions And Solve Challenges They See In Their Communities.

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